Project ID: 230109_efl_banner-home-promotion (PRIVATE)
Facebook Banner Size: 1200×630
Type: Approval

Once approved the typical SOP process is to output 1200×627 Linkedin and an 1080×1080 Instagram. Pinterest post/link would use the Shopify blog post share about the promotion.  

Images are hyperlinked to your product pages. I suggest you run the banners as full-page section elements, not full-width.

I would suggest that you create collection pages for Supplements, Apparel, Programs, and Recipe Books. Remove Blog from the top menu and switch to Apparel.

If you need blog articles I can provide text using AI scripting. I would just need a topic and some key features you would like to focus on. I can prompt the AI to write in your favorites author writing style and have it focus on SEO best practices. It is a game changer.